10 Episodes!

Hello, Smarties!!

I can't believe we're up to ten episodes! I feel like Trevor and I should eat a cake to mark the occasion! You know what, we should have cake regardless. Because cake. 

These last couple months of podcasting have been pretty fun and chock full of new experiences!  

For one, Trevor has gotten really good at editing. The other day, we had a chance to put his skills to even more use...

SOMEone dropped a wee bit of a curse word the other day (episode nine). We talked about it after and decided that although it wasn't something the FCC hasn't already allowed on CW prime time, that maybe it isn't exactly a PG-13 kind of word. And despite my almost failing every time we record, we're shooting for PG-13 language.

So, came our first opportunity to find a funny bleep sound effect! We hope you like what Trevor picked out. I think it's a classic. We talked about choosing any future curse-word-bleeping sounds to match the theme of the topic we were discussing, but we couldn't do it this time. Primarily because we were talking about The Walking Dead, and the choices of sounds for that theme pretty much entirely consist of zombie growls and people screams... which aren't that funny, and might be downright horrifying to hear out of the blue in the middle of a sentence. (Editor's note: If you can think of a funny Walking Dead sound bit that could be a swear word bleep, let us know!)

So that's about it for now. The adventures continue!  

Ooh! Also, I promised Trevor that when we hit ten episodes, I'll make us a Facebook page. So stay tuned for more news on that!