Who are we?

"Smarts" is a weekly audio podcast where an expert in all things geek and a novice in the ways of the nerd convene to discuss geek and pop culture topics in a fun and lighthearted way.  TV shows, movies, comics, technology -- nothing is safe from our unique blend of insightfulness and bewilderment.  You'll laugh, you'll love, you'll learn!

Trevor is a lifelong lover of comics, sci-fi and genre fiction, video games, and tech.  By day he is a mild-mannered research scientist, runner, and tennis player.  By night, he is... usually asleep.  Originally from Toronto, Canada, he now resides in Boston.

Julia is relative newcomer to geek culture and related media, but she's diving in to the deep end with both feet.  In her secret identity, she is a programmer for a major metropolitan institution, a writer, an extreme sports lover, a theater and film enthusiast, and a Boston native.