The journey so far...

Hello, listeners! (Or, in this case, "readers"! 😉)

Julia here! I'm super excited about the past couple weeks! So, of course, because I was born with the blogging gene, I couldn't resist the urge to write a quick little something to chronicle the amazing time I'm already having on this podcasting adventure.



Trevor and I are definitely super nerds. We love talking about all the shows we watch, podcasts we listen to, movies, comics, techie stuff, all that jazz. We love different things in different ways to different degrees. But there are tons of crossovers, too. Sharing it all is so much fun!

We sometimes joked about recording some of the conversations we were having about some of these hobbies, especially after a particularly funny riff, or pun-off generated giggle fit.

Eventually the joking turned into a hypothetical. Could we do it? What if we did? It didn't seem so silly, especially since Trevor has done a podcast before

It wasn't long before we decided to really give it a go and the idea became a proper project!



Now it was time to pick a format. We decided to divvy up the show into three core segments:

1) News from the week

2) Stuff we watched/read that week

3) A deeper dive into the history of something we talked about. History which I have no idea about but which Trevor is easily fluent in. Did I mention he's a walking encyclopedia? Cuz he is. Like, for reals.

Next came the decision for a name. That was a lot of fun, it took us a few days to settle on "Smarts". (Maybe one day I'll dig up some notes on what other contenders were.)

After having the title, we set out to create the album art (thank you, Pixelmater!) and set up the web page, the Twitter name and the email. Even deciding on what to call our mailbag was fun!



So now I sit before you, in breathless awe of just how much fun getting every one of those ducks into a row has been.

Recently, we decided that our podcast needs music. So now I'm having learning about GarageBand, a program which I hadn't even heard of until a couple weeks ago. (In my defense, I originally come from a PC background. I only recently booked tickets on the iOS express. 😉) 

I don't know why I felt the urge to stay up until well past midnight, clacking away on my Logitek to tell you just how much fun all the setup has been -- the stuff outside the actual and obvious joy of recording, I mean... 

I just know I had to share. 😊


Hope you're all having fun, too!  

Talk to you soon, listeners!