Episode 201: Everybody’s A Little Bit Vulcan

AKA "Every Time You Die, You Die A Little Bit"

In the 201st episode, Trevor and Julia talk about all the news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Next, they pick their Comics of the Week. Then, Trevor quizzes Julia about actors who have appeared in multiple DC Comics projects. Lastly, they discuss the latest episodes of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "Krypton", "Young Justice", and "Swamp Thing".

Naomi (2019-) #6 - Comics by comiXology

Teen Titans (2016-) #32 - Comics by comiXology

Batman (2016-) #74 - Comics by comiXology

Lois Lane (2019-) #1 - Comics by comiXology