Episode 94: Gnarled Tooth

AKA “Defending An Alien Operating System”

In the ninety-fourth episode, Trevor and Julia discuss the first look at “Thor: Ragnarok”, the new “Wonder Woman” trailer, TV casting news, their first impressions of the Nintendo Switch, and their recent experiences at PAX East. Next, they pick their Comics of the Week! Then, Trevor quizzes Julia about Penny Arcade. Lastly, they delve into the latest episodes of “Supergirl”, “Flash”, and “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Thor: Ragnarok Exclusive First Look Photos

WONDER WOMAN - Official Origin Trailer - YouTube

EXCLUSIVE: Abra Kadabra is Coming to The Flash | DC

Jason Isaacs And Mary Wiseman Cast In Star Trek: Discovery - CBS.com

Smarts Switch Unboxing - YouTube

PAX East - Boston, MA March 10-12, 2017

New Super-Man (2016-) #9 - Comics by comiXology

Earth 2: Society (2015-) #22 - Comics by comiXology

Penny Arcade