Issue 0 - Character Profile

Private Personnel File (CONFIDENTIAL)

(from the desk of Chief Sergeant Fiona Burndale)


Employee Name: 
Alias/Real Name:
Hair/Fur Color: 
Eye Color: 

Cat Cop
Po Po
13 inches
6 pounds


Occupation: Police Officer in the Smalltown City Police Department
Partner: Wilson MacGruff, Detective (separate file)
Boss: Fiona Burndale, Chief Sergeant (separate file, classified)

Qualifying Characteristics: Doesn't talk. Excellent communication skills despite this. Has extreme eye for detail and is an excellent collaborator. Case close rate is almost 100% for over 150 cases despite short time on the force. 

Assessment (as written by C.S. Fiona Burndale): Cat Cop doesn't say much about his past. No one except his partner dares call him 'Po Po'. He's pleasant at the office and gets along with almost all his coworkers. Cat Cop's instincts for interviewing and investigation make him a force to be reckoned with in the interrogation room as well as in the field. His ability to crawl into small places is also a plus.
With a little more experience, Cat Cop will be a solid candidate for promotion.